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Brake Fluid Change

Smyth imported car service established in Ireland 1934 with over 88 years in repair, service, maintenance and restoration European and Foreign cars.


Smyth Imports does service, restoration, maintenance and repair on all European, vintage, classic, historic, and foreign cars.


A complete auto restoration could include total removal of the body, engine, driveline components and related parts from the car, total disassembly, cleaning and repairing of each of the major parts and its components, replacing broken, damaged or worn parts and complete re-assembly and testing. As part of the restoration, each part must be thoroughly examined, cleaned and repaired, or if repair of the individual part would be too costly, replaced (assuming correct, quality parts are available) as necessary to return the entire automobile to "as first sold" condition.


Sam Smyth specializes in service of fine European automobiles, preforming maintenance tasks like Change the engine oil Service the oil filter Service the air filter Service the fuel filter Service the spark plugs Tune the engine Check level and refill brake fluid Check level and refill power steering fluid Check level and refill Automatic Transmission Fluid Grease and lubricate components Inspect, and Service the timing belt if needed Check condition of the tires, Clutch, Gearbo, Car, and Battery.